Good things happen out of the blue

Just peachy! Union's peaches and bleu de la moutonnière salad.

Finally! It has been done. I’ve taken one step forward in overcoming my fear of blue cheese. For the longest time the distinctive smell and sharp taste were sources of apprehension.
Union Restaurant is known for their menu based on fresh, local ingredients. It was only fitting to go for the Niagara peach salad with mint, Bleu de la moutonnière (a sheep’s milk blue cheese), hazelnuts and a pinot dressing.
Although not exactly local, Bleu de la moutonnière – which hails from Ste-Hélène de Chester, near Victoriaville, Quebec – proved to be a wonderful complement to the ontarian ingredients.
The combination of flavors was just peachy (pun intended)! The distinctive sharp taste of the blue cheese meshed well with the sweetness of the peaches and the mint. This refreshing salad was the perfect opening course and obviously an excellent way to enjoy blue cheese for a neophyte.


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