Top 5 dishes from the Toronto Underground Market

One of some 30 kiosks at TUM at Evergreen Brick Wokrs

Good things were simmering over at Evergreen Brick Works last Sunday. People followed their noses to take part in the most recent edition of the Toronto Underground Market (TUM), where culinary discoveries were sure to ensue.

TUM is a social food market where one can savour some food that you won’t necessarily find in Toronto’s restaurants. This venue showcases both the talent and passion for food of some of the city’s up-and-coming culinary entrepreneurs.

Evergreen Brick Works is the perfect setting. Amidst the brick walls and high ceilings, people lined up in front of some 30 kiosks to treat their taste buds to some scrumptious dishes. My friends Marie-Lyne, Marie and I were quite excited to ramble through the grounds of Evergreen Brick Works in search of our favourite finds.

All kiosks were quite busy. Some people waited in line for over an hour to get a chance to taste some tacos from renowned pop-up taco stand La Carnita. Comida del Pueblo was another kiosk that attracted large crowds to taste their appetizing Corn bread grilled cheese sandwiches and empanadas.

Despite the potential of those kiosks, I voluntarily decided to forgo the line-ups, braving the cold and growing hunger (for discovery and good food) and made my way through to savour all the yum that TUM had to offer. In no particular order, here are my top 5 picks.

Waffles and Butter Chicken from The Royal Tree Beaver

Waffles and Butter Chicken from The Royal Tree Beaver

In the brisk Sunday cold, the waffles and butter chicken were a welcome source of solace. Tasty shredded chicken in a creamy spicy sauce poured over crisp square waffles pieces provided great flavour and warmth – An excellent way to star off our TUM tour.

5 Layer Peanut Butter & Jelly Pie from Cashew & Coco

5 – Layer Peanut Butter & Jelly Pie from Cashew & Coco

Needless to say, this wonderful dessert by Aly Friedman, Cashew and Coco’s mom, takes the cake. This pie consists of a graham cracker base, peanut butter cheesecake, blueberry jelly, peanut butter shortbread topped with candied pecans was simply divine. Eaten either warm or cold, one wasn’t enough.

Dumpling trio from FeasTO (pork and kimchi, pork and bok-choy, and duck and foie gras).

Dumpling trio from FeasTO

Three beautiful bites from FeastTO. The first: pork and kimchi with kimchi salad. The second: pork and bok choy dumpling in broth. The third: duck and foie gras dumpling with cherry jus. Would have gladly sunk my teeth in many more of these savoury treats.

Chili popover topped with guacamole from Popover Girl.

Chili popover fromPopover Girl

Popover Girl put a creative twist to these light and fluffy rolls made from an egg batter similar to Yorkshire pudding. TUM enthusiasts had a choice three kinds of popovers: peperonata, chili con carne or Nutella and ricotta. The chili con carne topped with guacamole served in a magazine cone was both delicious and visually appealing.

Marie enjoys a Torta Ahogada aka the drowned sandwich from ESÉ.

Torta Ahogada aka the drowned sandwich from ESÉ

This honey chipotle glazed Mexican pulled pork sandwich was delish! Add some curtito, a spicy, tangy Latin slaw do the tender pulled pork and voilà, you’ve got an excellent sandwich.

What were your TUM favourites?


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