Putting our green thumbs to the test

Patiently waiting for our heirloom tomatoes to grow.

Moving into our new apartment in Little Portugal, last May, my partner and I were in absolute awe by the amount of space we’ve gained. We are quite fortunate that our new home has a spacious, sunny deck. What better way to put this this newly found outdoor space to good use than putting our green thumbs to the test by planting some tomatoes.

Neither one of us had gardened in the past (helping our mothers out doesn’t exactly cut it, but it does give some insight). So it was with great excitement that a couple of weeks after unpacking, we ventured to The Stop’s Farmer’s Market over at Wychwood Barns in search of the perfect tomato plants.

Our visit at Vicki’s Veggies’ kiosk proved to be a good one. They had several different heirloom tomato seedlings. After a brief moment of thought and conversation with their friendly staff, we chose the following varieties: Black Cherry, Yellow Pear, Vintage Wine and Aunt Ruby’s German Green Cherry. Here’s a brief description of each:

Black Cherry
This dark purple, round shaped tomato grows in clusters and is supposed to be very sweet.

Yellow Pear
This pear shaped cherry tomato is very tasty and obviously, yellow.

Vintage wine
Pink and gold striped, this variety is fruity, sweet and mild and like a good wine, taste improves with age and is ready later in season.

Aunt Ruby’s German green Cherry
Green and round, this tomato is known for its spicy flavour. It looks just like beefsteak tomato, only smaller.

For more varieties of heirloom tomatoes make sure you check out this list from Vicki’s Veggies.

Apprentice gardener’s note:

This was all about trial and error. We had initially planted two seedlings per pot, but quickly realised that our prized pomodoros needed much more space to grow. A couple of days later, we transplanted them each into their own pot. Hopefully, we will soon be able to taste the fruits of our labour.

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