Tarnished Spoon Travels: New York City – Day 2

(Mis) adventures in street food

After struggling to find the coveted food truck, we grabbed a hot dog from a place like this.

 A leisurely stroll through Central Park and a visit to the American Museum of Natural were our menu for the day. This itinerary would have been the perfect way to take a peek New York’s food trucks… Unfortunately for us, it was otherwise.

The whole food truck lunch was a spur of the moment idea on my part. Let’s just say that I could have planned our move a little bit better, finding where to go before venturing out and about. Wanting to avoid crazy roaming fees, I was desperately attempting to find free Wi-Fi to connect to the internes to search for food trucks around Central Park.

Luckily, Central Park offers free wireless Internet hubs in certain areas. Alas, it was in vain. I was struggling with the map of vendors on the New York Street food website, constantly zooming out of the Central Park area on the map. I eventually stumbled upon the Pear Turkish Taco food truck and was intrigued. And so our quest began. The food truck was supposed to be at the Tavern on the Green, at Central Park and West 67th Street.

We looked for it but was nowhere to be found. After another attempt at a connecting to the web, an article published in May stated that some vendors were being pushed out Central Park because of renovations. Unable to verify updated information (the article dated from May), we ventured back and forth in the vicinity where the Pera truck should have been. Doubt and hunger were quick to settle in.

Frustrated, we both reluctantly gave up, and ended up engulfing a traditional hot dog and a salty pretzel.

Mildly disappointing. However lesson learned: track food trucks prior to leaving.

Five Points
31, Great Jones Street 

The exterior of Five Points.

After our minor lunch setback, a visit through the American Museum of Natural History and a lengthy walk, we were ready for dinner. The day before, I reached out to my Instagram friend Diala Canelo for some restaurant advice. The Mexico City-based pastry chef enthusiastically recommended Five Points.

Located three streets north of Houston, at the corner of    Lafayette, Five Points has become a Greenwich Village fixture since opening in 1999. Co-owners Chef Marc Meyer and Victoria Freeman offer an accessible, locally produced, seasonal menu at Five Points as well as at Cookshop and Hundred Acres.

With its quaint patio and French doors, Five Acres was welcoming from the get-go. The dining room was just as visually pleasing. As you enter the restaurant, the bar counter is to your left. The large dining room is divided in two by a large piece of wood that plays the role of a long flowerpot that leads almost all the way to the kitchen.

After enjoying a couple of sips of some white wine sangria, we enjoyed the black kale served with a lemon-anchovy dressing topped with pecorino cheese and croutons.

For the mains, we opted for something simple yet satisfying: pizza. We split the Potato and Summer squash. The first consisted in sliced Yukon gold potatoes with fontina and truffle oil. The second served up some squash, fresh ricotta, and olive oil and served up with a fried egg on top. Both pizzas proved to be quite good. The crust was just the right texture and the toppings were delicious. The flavors of the Yukon gold potatoes and fontina cheese blended particularly well.

For dessert, we opted for the something seasonal: blueberry shortcake. It was delicious. Juicy blueberries were served between pieces of almond and coriander scented shortcake that look slightly like a scone. A mascarpone whipped cream topped this refreshing dessert.

Our wonderful meal quickly made us forget our midday misadventures.

Have a quick peek at the dishes sampled at Five Points!

2 thoughts on “Tarnished Spoon Travels: New York City – Day 2

  1. The one thing I do love about New York is their food. If you’re not eating well in that city, you’re not trying.

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