Tarnished Spoon Travels : New York City – Day 3

Journey to Brooklyn

Brooklyn beckoned, and we responded! Time for us to cross the East River and take in the sights East of Manhattan.

First, a quick stop at Spoonbill and Sugartown Books to pick up an elusive copy of Lucky Peach magazine. For a reason or another, the Summer 2012 edition of this journal dedicated to food and writing isn’t available back in Toronto nor was it possible to stumble upon it in Manhattan. Without hesitation, we brought it home!

Juliette Williamsburg
135 North 5th St Brooklyn

Juliette’s decor is straight out of a parisian bistro.

Juliette Williamsburg proved to be an ideal urban oasis. It was like having a little bit of Paris, in Brooklyn. Everything, from the signage, the tables, chair and floors were the same you’d find in a French bistro. The courtyard dining room with numerous hanging plants was another great element about the place the large roof top potion with bar and numerous yellow and red tables and chairs is where we decided to enjoy our lunch.

Onto the food and drink. My partner ordered the vegetarian sandwich on a warm ciabatta, which was filled with Japanese eggplant, avocado, cucumber, daikon sprouts and tapenade. I ordered a comforting croque-monsieur served with a homemade brioche.

We then both enjoyed wonderful lemonades that were mixed with strawberry and pear purée; a refreshing touch to our meal as we were pondering our next move.

Mast Brothers Chocolate
105 A North Third Street 

All Mast Brothers Chocolates are elegantly wrapped. Photo: Eric Rados.

Per the description in Rather New York City, Mast brothers promised to be a delicious stop. It sure didn’t disappoint! When entering the North Third Street shop, between the bags of cocoa grains, you first see chocolatiers at work, crafting chocolates with great pride.

Along the wall with a large black board, you then get a glimpse at several varieties of chocolate. Every single Mast Brothers chocolate bar is packaged in elegant colored wrapping paper, making these chocolates also a feast for the eyes!

Brothers Rick and Michael Mast partnered with farms and organizations such as Anderson Almonds, Stumptown Coffee and Maine Sea Salt to offer chocolate enthusiasts some delicious choices. My personal faves were the Stumptown Coffee and Main Sea Salt chocolates.

While at the shop, make sure you bring back a couple of truffles. The salted caramel, coffee, sea salt and almond truffles were great. Unfortunately, they were all eaten too fast by yours truly to take a photo…

The Fat Radish
17, Orchard Street

We were welcomed with a plate of radishes topped with tappenade.

For our last night in the Big Apple, we turned yet again to the Rather New York City guide to channel our inspiration. Co-author Julia Oh states, “My bet is a smile will appear on your face also when you step inside.” She was right. While walking into the restaurant you couldn’t help but be charmed the warm décor, friendly staff and let’s not forget the food on the menu.

The Fat Radish serves up a British inspired menu. We were welcomed with plate of radishes, topped with tapenade. The day’s specials were all marked on large mirror.

My partner started his meal with baby beet salad that included thinly sliced beets and pickled ones as well. I ordered the endive, prosciutto, grilled peach, ricotta and lemon oil salad. Both appetizers were flavourful.

We were both inspired by the seafood on the menu. We ordered the olive oil poached cod served with warm German potato salad and the Montauk diver scallops fresh corn “polenta” (it was like a cream corn which was incredibly delicious), bacon jam and. Both dishes were a hit! I was intrigued by the bacon jam, but was quickly a convert. The saltiness of the jam blended particularly well with the scallops and corn polenta.

Dessert was an easy decision. Caroline, our server, discretely returned to our table simply stating that the Banofee pie was excellent. We took her word for it and never looked back.  We were blown away! This English inspired dessert made from bananas, cream, and toffee all served on top of butter biscuit crust and topped with Mast Brothers cocoa nibs (full circle moment. Ha!) was a delight, and a perfect way to end our meal. Caroline later came back to explain how much she missed Banofee pie upon her return from the UK. She was overjoyed when she found out her employer added this dessert to the menu.

Dinner at the Fat Radish proved to be the most pleasant way to end our three-day escapade in New York. And per our Rather Guide’s description, we did indeed leave with a smile on our faces.

Where to next for our next trip


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