Veg Out: a walk on London Ontario’s vegan side

Veg Out

646 Richmond St.
London, ON

Veg Out’s menu

I’m a self-confessed carnivore. I’ll thoroughly enjoy a steak on the barbeque or an oven-roasted chicken. I’ll also devour pretty much any charcuterie plate placed in front of me. Despite
my appreciation of all things meat, I enjoy stepping away from my carnivore habits and tasting some vegetarian or vegan fare.

During a recent trip to London (Ontario, not GB), my partner and I were looking for a place to grab a bite. Wanting to step away from the chains of this world, we put our fate in the hands of the Urbanspoon app. As our luck would have it, the app pointed us to Veg Out, a vegan restaurant located in the heart of downtown London. Without any hesitation we headed in the direction of the restaurant to “veg out” Here’s what we sampled.

Beet Red

Veg Out has a good choice of fresh smoothies and juices. The Beet Red consists in an apple, orange, beet (surprise!) agave and lemon juices. It proved to be a refreshing choice.

Soup’s on!

Then came the soup. I enjoyed a bowl of sweet potato and coconut soup. It’s creamy texture made for a great first course. My partner tasted the raw melon and cucumber soup. It was quite nice, but it essentially tasted like puréed melon, nothing else. The sweetness of the melon was somewhat overpowering. It would have perhaps been better to serve in a shot glass simply as a palate cleanser.

Raw Zucchini Spring Rolls

We then tried some raw zucchini spring rolls, which consisted of thinly sliced zucchini filled with cashew ricotta cheese and topped with avocado and a basil oil drizzle. The rolls were visually appealing. Their taste: a little bland for our liking, but enjoyed them nonetheless because of the overall flavour and texture.

Smokey Seitan Sandwich

Quite possibly one the best seitan dishes that I’ve eaten. Homemade seitan marinated in a smokey barbeque sauce. Seared and topped with tomatoes, caramelized onions, spinach, and dijon horseradish aioli served in a ciabatta bun. I Thoroughly enjoyed the smokiness of the sauce. I would definitely recommend this to anyone headed there.

Final thought

Owner Florine Morrison and her team strive “to create a comfortable atmosphere and “veganize” familiar foods that would appeal to everyone – vegetarian or not.” Needless to say, Veg Out achieves just that. The dishes were both tasty and pretty and the service was the most attentive. Will definitely stop there again next time I’m in London to taste other items on the menu.


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