Coming soon to The Tarnished Spoon… Beautiful British Columbia


A couple of months ago my partner and I packed up our suitcases and headed out West for the to shake off our late winter blues. British Columbia beckoned and we answered its call by exploring Sooke, Tofino, Victoria and Vancouver.

Indulging in the exquisite hyper local food prepared at Spoke Harbour House, driving through Cathedral grove on our way to Tofino or simply thrifting and antiquing to our heart’s delight in Victoria were truly enjoyable and inspiring moments. I was excited to come back home and write all about it.

On writer’s block and barriers

Upon our return, I wanted to write and share our adventures out West. Several evenings after work I’d go to the laptop to and attempt to write up a post, but nothing came out. Massive writer’s block… A blank document… SILENCE.

I knew what I wanted to share, but nothing was coming out right. So I’d stop, I’d let myself get distracted, heck, pretty much anything was turning into a good excuse to do something else other than write. Procrastination had taken full swing, affecting all personal writing. Even my fun Tasting the Past posts had come to a halt. This slump is completely my own doing.

This must change.

The only way to battle through writer’s block is to tackle it head-on: moving forward and well… just writing – you’ve got to start somewhere. So here it goes! (and hopefully much more will follow!)

First stop: Sooke Harbour House.



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