A new year: rediscovering the joy of blogging

Ham and a sliced fig

Holiday ham: fig and balsamic glazed ham


It has been so long. Feels a little strange to be posting – especially after such a long hiatus (4 months!). A new year means new beginnings. Time to start fresh and rekindle with the joy of blogging again.

At the beginning of last year, I had a semi decent run for a couple of months. Then, things obviously slowed down quite a bit. Procrastination may have got the better of me. Can’t blame anyone but myself for that.

I was perhaps silent on the Tarnished Spoon, but kitchen was regularly bustling with activity. I tried a handful of recipes from the wooden box for some “Tasting the Past” treats baking macaroons and apple crisp. The macaroons turned out perfectly the first time around. I attempted another batch a couple of months later, but the outcome was the complete opposite

I took advantage of the holidays to revisit some family classics like bacon mushroom roll-ups and tourtière. I also tried something new: a fig and balsamic glazed ham.

New culinary adventures await and hopefully, I’ll be able to write about them more consistently!

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2014! May health and joy abound! 



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