A New Chapter for Tasting the Past!

Bird's eye view of two notebooks and a bunch of recipe cards

Tasting the Past: 2014 edition. New finds

Last year, an old wooden box was introduced into my kitchen. It prompted some culinary time travel thanks to a bunch old school recipes that were chronicled here under the Tasting the Past label.

I’m pleased to say that this journey back in time through food will continue. Over Christmas, my partner offered me two hard covered notebooks filled with many more handwritten recipes. Once again, it will be interesting to chronicle this culinary experience.

The small blue one is titled “The Scribble in book”. It has many recipes. Several of them comprise only of the name of the dish and a list of ingredients. The second one has a black cover with a faded red spine. In this one, the recipes are listed clearly – both the ingredients and method are hand-written with care.

Closeup of notebooks and recipes

A close look at some of the finds.

The black and red one also has a great deal of clippings of recipes that were printed in the newspaper pinned to the pages of the notebook. Others are written on the back of scrap pieces of paper from someone’s office that date from the 1950s.

Might be fun to do a bit of sleuthing. Looking forward to pursuing this latest culinary adventure.

To be continued…

Closeup of newspaper clippings

Clippings found in the red and black notebook


3 thoughts on “A New Chapter for Tasting the Past!

  1. What fun! No matter how the recipes turn out, its all about the adventure. 🙂 Really, its a study of food history: how tastes have changed and how they have stayed the same. I look forward to reading about what you discover!

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