Place aux conserves – Canning season

Les cornichons prêts pour le réfrigérateur. Fridge pickles are fridge ready.

Les cornichons prêts pour le réfrigérateur. Fridge pickles are fridge ready.

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Le temps des récoltes est propice aux expériences culinaires des toutes sortes. Les conserves maison permettent de savourer le fruit de ces récoltes douze mois par année à l’aide des conserves maison.

Il y a un grand événement qui se déroule aujourd’hui  Centre Harbourfront sur le sujet: le Home Ec Big Outdoor Kitchen Party organisé par Well Preserved. J’ai donné un avant-goût de l’événement et fait goûter ma recette de cornichons et la gelée de pommes préparée par des amis La chronique et une recette peuvent être consultés sur  le site de Y a pas deux matins pareils d’ICI Radio-Canada Toronto.

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Let’s go to the Ex… pour manger – The CNE in Food


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L’Exposition nationale canadienne a ouvert ses portes en fin de semaine. En plus des manèges, exposition et spectacles cette plus grande fête foraine est aussi reconnue pour sa sélection d’aliments des plus inusité. Des gauffres rappelant l’Action de grâce, du poulet frit au cacao tout comme le café au beurre figurent parmi les plats et boissons en vedette de l’édition 2014.

J’en ai parlé avec ma collègue Marjorie Murphy, à l’émission Y’a pas deux matins pareils d’ICI Radio-Canada Toronto. Vous pouvez écouter la chronique ici.

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Le brunch est servi au Toronto Underground Market – TUM tackles brunch

Photo montage of the Toronto Underground Market displaying a sign, two vendors, a doughnut and sandwiches.

Moments in TUM: snapshots of some TUM highlights over the years.

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À Toronto, la fin de semaine s’annonce riche en activités où la nourriture est en vedette. Il y a le traditionnel Taste of the Danforth. Il y a également le Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival, près du Centre Rogers. Et il y a également le Toronto Underground Market, (TUM) qui se déroule dimanche au 99 Sudbury.

L’édition du mois d’août de ce rendez-vous culinaire a comme particularité d’exploiter un sujet cher auprès bien des Torontois: le brunch. J’en ai parlé avec ma collègue Marjorie Murphy à l’émission Y’a pas deux matins pareils de Radio-CanadaL’intervention peut être écoutée ici.

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Taste of Toronto… and some news

Photo montage of Taste of Toronto

En français

So I may have, (yet again) veered off course when it comes to blogging. I must confess that I sometimes find it difficult to sit at the computer to write after spending most of my work day doing the same… However, this has always been a fun output for creativity that I truly appreciate.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had privilege to share my passion for food on the airwaves with my colleagues from Y’a pas deux matins pareils, Radio-Canada’s (French CBC) Toronto morning show. The weekly food segment called Les Bouchardises.

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Moments in TUM

Ladies and gents, please grab your bibs and let the tasting begin!

A monthly tradition for some, the latest edition of the Toronto Underground Market (TUM) proved yet again to quite the culinary adventure. Some 30 vendors set up shop at Evergreen Brickworks for one evening, all showcasing their creativity and passion for food.

Last Saturday’s TUM took place under a blue sky (My first two visits were under rainy and cool climes). Let’s just say that having Mother Nature on TUM’s side added to success of the event. It was great to see some of the action roll out of the building. The scene was perfect: visitors savouring their snacks outdoors, vendors teasing everyone with the aroma of grilled meats and other treats, folks grabbing a quick drink before plunging back into the TUM core.

This was my third time at TUM. Needless to say some lessons have been learned during my previous visits in order to make the most of this flavourful rendez-vous.

Some TUM video hijinks.

  • Arriving early ensures that you spend less time queuing and more time tasting.
  • Pace and teamwork: once you arrive it’s easy to excited by all the delicious possibilities. Think about one kiosk at a time. Also when going with friends, it’s easier to sample a vendor’s full menu by swapping dishes.
  • Water is a wonderful thing. Bring your own bottles to take advantage of the Water on Wheels refill stations.

With that in mind, I ventured into TUM. Here’s my take on some noteworthy dishes sampled.

Savoury finds

Lobster tacos from Rock Lobster Food Co.

Located in what was usually La Carnita’s spot, Rock Lobster Food Co. definitely delivered. People quickly lined up to get a taste of some of their lobster rolls, lobster poutine and lobster tacos. The tacos were delicious. The flaky lobster pieces combined with fresh cilantro, lime and guacamole made for a refreshing snack.

Oyster trio from Neptuno

More gifts from the sea, this time from New Brunswick in the form of oysters –  French Kiss oysters to be more precise. These delicate oysters were served with a variety of dressings. I opted for cucumber, red wine vinegar and banana pepper dressings. Omnomnom.

Fidel Gastro’s Sgt Slather

The Rebel without a kitchen serves up the most excellent sandwiches. I indulged in a Sgt Slather, a bun filled with pulled pork with tortilla with a sweet and smoky sauce. I also had a chance to taste El Capitan Belly, a sandwich with tomato juice braised pork belly with a tomato cabbage slaw. I want more!

Perkedel Jagung from Babi & Co.

Babi & Co.’s take on Indonesian street food packs loads of flavour in every bite! The perkedel jagung, a.k.a. corn and shrimp fritters with garlic and chilli sauce were warm and fluffy with just a bit of heat from the sauce. Simply delish. My friend tried the Indonesian popcorn that surprised with its spiciness. The grilled pork skewers and noodle salad were also attracting the masses.

Samyoza trio from Nomad Food Creations

It must be said, I have a soft spot for dumplings either steamed or fried. Needless to say Nomad Food Creations caught my attention. The samyoza trio including tofu and chai yogurt, scallops with coriander and mint chutney and finally duck and orange chutney were wonderful. The tofu and duck ones were especially packed with flavour.

Sweet surprises

Delicious doughnuts from Dough by Rachelle

Pastry chef Rachelle Cadwell impresses with her take on the doughnut. On display this time at TUM: maple bacon, apple fritter, double chocolate and my personal fave: the fluffernutter, a doughnut filled with peanut butter and topped with a roasted marshmallow, a perfect mix of sweet and savoury.

Fried serves up Divine diples

My stop at Fried was a completely impulsive one. I was drawn in by their logo and especially the cheery demeanour of Tracey Dye and then discovered the joys of the diples. These thin pieces of fried dough dipped in a honey citrus syrup were a sure hit. This simple dessert was one of my pleasant TUM surprises.

 Chocolate dipped bacon from Leonard Pig Candy

I probably anticipated this one the most. Bacon and dark chocolate… What is there not to love? But I must admit that, it fell a little short. It tasted great, it really did, but the chocolate covered bacon would have benefited from being chilled preventing a mess. With that being said, I was glad to also taste the candied bacon, which I thoroughly enjoyed and would indulge in much more.

 Cannelé from SnackeryTO

The Cannelé (also spelled canelé), is a specialty from the Bordeaux region. It is small pastry with a tender center and a dark, thick crust. SnackeryTO served them up in Earl Grey and Vanilla. Heavenly. The rediscovery of this pastry will perhaps soon prompt a baking session with one of my French friends. To be continued…

Who else was at TUM? What were your favourite dishes?