Place aux conserves – Canning season

Les cornichons prêts pour le réfrigérateur. Fridge pickles are fridge ready.

Les cornichons prêts pour le réfrigérateur. Fridge pickles are fridge ready.

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Le temps des récoltes est propice aux expériences culinaires des toutes sortes. Les conserves maison permettent de savourer le fruit de ces récoltes douze mois par année à l’aide des conserves maison.

Il y a un grand événement qui se déroule aujourd’hui  Centre Harbourfront sur le sujet: le Home Ec Big Outdoor Kitchen Party organisé par Well Preserved. J’ai donné un avant-goût de l’événement et fait goûter ma recette de cornichons et la gelée de pommes préparée par des amis La chronique et une recette peuvent être consultés sur  le site de Y a pas deux matins pareils d’ICI Radio-Canada Toronto.

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Cueillette fructueuse avec Not Far From The Tree – The perfect glean with Not Far From The Tree

A series of three photos showing women weighing bags of apples, bags of apples and man holding an apple

Weighing in: 345 pounds of apples were harvested in two ours by Not Far From The Tree volunteers.

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Les arbres fruitiers des Torontois sont entre de bonnes mains! Les bénévoles glaneurs de  Not Far From The Tree s’assurent de cueillir le plus de fruits possible des arbres de résidences privés de la ville. La récolte est ensuite divisée en trois: un tiers pour un organisme de bienfaisance local, un autre  pour les propriétaires et le dernier est partagé entre les bénévoles.

Closeup of apples and cake

Baking with Not Far From The Tree Bounty: caramel apple upside down cake.

J’ai récemment participé à une cueillette de pommes avec des bénévoles de Not Far From the Tree. Plus de  345 livres de pommes (156 kilogrammes) plus tard: un gâteau renversé aux pommes au caramel et une chronique. Vous pouvez l’entendre sur le site de Y a pas deux matins pareils.

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Let’s go to the Ex… pour manger – The CNE in Food


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L’Exposition nationale canadienne a ouvert ses portes en fin de semaine. En plus des manèges, exposition et spectacles cette plus grande fête foraine est aussi reconnue pour sa sélection d’aliments des plus inusité. Des gauffres rappelant l’Action de grâce, du poulet frit au cacao tout comme le café au beurre figurent parmi les plats et boissons en vedette de l’édition 2014.

J’en ai parlé avec ma collègue Marjorie Murphy, à l’émission Y’a pas deux matins pareils d’ICI Radio-Canada Toronto. Vous pouvez écouter la chronique ici.

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Taste of Toronto… and some news

Photo montage of Taste of Toronto

En français

So I may have, (yet again) veered off course when it comes to blogging. I must confess that I sometimes find it difficult to sit at the computer to write after spending most of my work day doing the same… However, this has always been a fun output for creativity that I truly appreciate.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had privilege to share my passion for food on the airwaves with my colleagues from Y’a pas deux matins pareils, Radio-Canada’s (French CBC) Toronto morning show. The weekly food segment called Les Bouchardises.

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That time we were on the cover of Covet Garden magazine

Cover page of Covet Garden magazine

Covet Garden cover boys. Photo: Naomi Finlay

Welcome to our home!

My partner and have been featured in the February edition of Covet Garden, a Toronto-based online publication. Each month, the magazine explores a home and gives of glimpse into the lives of the people living in it.

It is Australian-born and Toronto based photographer Naomi Finlay’s lens captured the essence and warmth of our home. We enjoyed opening up our home to publishers Lynda Felton, Jessica Reid and Rhonda Riche

It was quite a treat to share anecdotes of our thrifting road trips throughout southern Ontario, and elsewhere across Canada. Our issue shared our love for Canadiana and all things vintage.

There was an obvious stop into our kitchen that featured our fondness for Fiestaware. We were also able to share our undying love of coffee!

Check it out! Let me know what you think!

Happy New Year… and some great blogs to follow in 2013

Grab a snack and a cup of the and coffee, it's time to start reading. - Photo: Eric Rados.

Grab a snack and a cup of the and coffee, it’s time to start reading. – Photo: Eric Rados.

First things first: happy New Year! Wishing everyone health and happiness to unleash creativity throughout 2013! Bonne année! 

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That time we went to Momofuku…


chicken served with carrot and an egg yolk on the side capped off the savoury dishes.

chicken served with carrot and an egg yolk on the side capped off the savoury dishes.

Ever since I’ve first seen photos on Instagram, various tweets or reading through the issues of Lucky Peach, I’ve been extremely curious about the Momofuku franchise. Earlier this year, I was quite excited to learn that David Chang’s franchise was to set foot in Toronto. Ever since they had opened earlier this fall, I was looking forward to check the place out and sample the menu. Timing had been off until a couple of weeks ago.


I recently found out that my friend Manon had gone to high school in Sudbury with with Momofuku Daisho executive sous chef Matt Blondin. The two Collège Notre-Dame (CND, as they called it) alumni recently reconnected. This impromptu reunion prompted Manon and myself to finally set foot at Daishő.

Daisho's dining room.

Daisho’s dining room.


The restaurant is adjacent to the brand-new Shangri-La Hotel. The entire Momofuku building has large windows. The Noodle Bar is located on the ground floor. The Nikai bar is on the second, while Daishő and Shőtő, two; more intimate restaurants are located on the third floor. We caught up over cocktails at Nikai while waiting for our table.

Daisho’s dining room is surrounded by large windows, big round lights shine over many of the tables. There are also several seats along the bar. We were greeted with a smile and a cucumber, chilli and soy sauce salad. Just as Manon and I were about to choose our appetizers, the menus were taken away from us.  Our server informed us that we would sample a series of chef Matt’s picks. We were obviously excited.

Halibut cheeks, served with hen of the woods mushrooms, spruce and persimmon.

Halibut cheeks, served with hen of the woods mushrooms, spruce and persimmon.

Our first course rolled out. We started off with the Hot Wing Bun. A chicken wing served with celery, dill and Tabasco in a soft bun. Delish. We then tasted some oysters topped with a slight dollop of kimchi. For our third course, we tasted some halibut cheeks, served with hen of the woods mushrooms, spruce and persimmon that was quite tasty. We then sampled some charred cabbage topped with pork and pine nuts and Pok Pok Som sauce. This course was flavourful, but the portion was perhaps a little too big, considering the amount of dishes we were savouring that evening.



speckled trout – spot prawn, camelina, smoked milk

speckled trout – spot prawn, camelina, smoked milk

The next dish consisted of Speckled trout topped with a prawn and served in a sauce of smoked milk. The delicate fish blended perfectly with the sauce.  We then tasted a sunchoke dish served with salt cod, preserved walnut and clay pepper. It was a delicious way to enjoy sun chokes. I never knew this root vegetable could taste so good. A beautiful slice of chicken served with carrot and an egg yolk on the side capped off the savoury dishes.

Just when we thought that we were this wonderful meal had come to and end, chef Matt served up a most impressive dessert! One of half of the dish was chocolate, served up in five different textures. The other half consisted of caramelized apples, which were punctuated with hints of cedar and cashews. Both desserts were equally a feast for the eyes and the taste buds.

We were both extremely grateful for this experience. It was great to sample a menu hand picked by the chef and, in a way, plunge into Matt Blond in’s culinary universe. I am looking forward to return and get to see how the Momofuku franchise will evolve over the next few months.

Momofuku – Daishő
Third Floor
190 University Avenue (University and Adelaide)
Toronto, M5H 0A3

* Unfortunaely, the sometimes blurry lens of the iPhone don’t always do justice to the look of the dishes.