A Tarnished Spoon for The Tarnished Spoon


Sometimes, a little personal touch goes a long way. That’s exactly what happened when my partner offered me the most thoughtful gift: an actual tarnished spoon… engraved with the name of the blog.

Eric, my partner is the proud owner of Lucky Patina, an Etsy shop specialised in vintage wares. While browsing the interwebs, he stumbled upon Wooden Hive, a fellow Etsy store. Kerrie Hunziker-Balma’s creations breathe a second life to vintage silverware. She does so by personalising flatware and repurposing old spoons into wedding favour or neat garden markers with great patina.

A simple gift that has added a spoonful of personality to this blog.Tarnished-Spoon-Spoon-Solo


Product Review: Cooking with Gusto

Putting the Texas rub to the test with beef brisket.

Putting the Texas rub to the test with beef brisket.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word  “gusto” as “vitality marked by an abundance of vigor and enthusiasm”. That’s essentially how I go about things in the kitchen. It’s that very blend of excitement and a touch of suspense that makes cooking so much fun.

Recently, I was able to bring a little extra gusto in the kitchen… quite literally! My partner offered me an assortment of chillies and barbeque rubs from Gusto Spice over the holidays. continue reading